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Farran-Heit Air Conditioning understands we live in economically-challenging times, and for that reason ensures its air conditioning product selection is affordable to everyone. Over the years we managed to get to know our customers really well and familiarise with their specific needs. To meet their requirements, we put two of the most reputable brands of air conditioning systems and units on sale - they are bound to deliver the quality and efficacy you are looking for at a highly competitive price.


With almost a century of industry experience, Dakin represents one of the most reliable air conditioning manufacturers in the world. Known internationally for their compact design and high-performance levels, Dakin air conditioning is the first choice for many.

Farran-Heit Air Conditioning possesses the knowledge needed to install and maintain Dakin’s innovative air conditioning units and system in such a way to serve you for almost a lifetime. Investing in a Dakin product and our services today will bring you the best value for your money in the long run - and there is no better deal on the market!

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Being among the top 5 international IT services providers, Fujitsu delivers innovative air conditioning systems and units for your residential or commercial space. Since the mid-30s, they have focused on designing a variety of air conditioning solutions that would easily adapt to any space and deliver unmatched performance. Farran-Heit Air Conditioning guarantees that you will find a solution to accommodate your needs among the Fujitsu products we have in our collection.

Fujitsu is a company known for its innovative spirit. The advanced air filtering system found on the majority of their air conditioning solutions is designed to clean a range of dirty air particles, including but not limited to dust, pollen, and tobacco. Devastated by the statistics which indicate that the quality of indoor air is constantly deteriorating, Farran-Heit Air Conditioning recommends Fujitsu as one of the best solutions for you and your family.

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