Known as a commercial centre for the southern Sydney suburbs, Miranda is indeed an ideal place for shoppers (especially because of the Westfield Miranda shopping centre). Add to that the shopping strip running along The Kingsway and Kiora Road. There are also other commercial developments on those roads and the surrounds.

Because of that, there’s a high level of residential and commercial activity in the area. Whether it’s shopping at the Westfield Miranda or the Parkside Plaza Shopping Centre, supermarkets and grocery shops are sure to provide almost everything you need. With a strong commercial presence, Miranda certainly attracts many people who are looking for new opportunities.

Miranda air conditioning services

However, it’s difficult to focus on opportunities (or even keep up with the times) if you feel physical discomfort. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, people will tend to prioritise their physical needs and comfort before aiming for high-level goals or enjoying the moment (whether shopping or just staying at home). This is true especially in Miranda where temperatures can get as high as 27℃ especially during December and January. Worse, it really gets hotter once inside the home or office.

That’s why here at Farran-Heit Air Conditioning, we ensure performance and reliability of the air conditioners we install. We only supply top brands such as Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Temperzone, McQuay and ActronAir. Our technicians ensure perfect installation and function so that each residential or commercial premise will have a comfortable and consistent temperature range. Whether it’s ducted, split or multi- air conditioning systems, we only use first-class parts and tools to complete the job.

Miranda air conditioner repair and servicing

Aside from full residential and commercial installations, we also perform the following:

In other words we provide complete air conditioning services and end-to-end solutions. Several hundreds of satisfied clients have trusted us through our 10+ years of continuous service. We’ve been able to accomplish this because of our commitment to safety, quality, energy efficiency, reliability and performance.

We provide a 5-year warranty on parts and labour (plus check our competitive pricing). We also implement an eco-friendly approach so rest assured that we do our job responsibly. We use our technical expertise not just in getting the job done, but in doing it in an efficient and eco-friendly manner as well.

Contact us today and the Farran-Heit team will gladly assist you. We can discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with cost-effective solutions.