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Do you need an air conditioning solution that will maintain the desired temperature in summer and winter alike? Farran-Heit Air Conditioning professionals recommend multi-split air conditioning systems that can both heat and cool your home or office.


Multihead split air conditioning systems are specially designed to manage both heating and cooling of multiple rooms. The system comes with several separate indoor units all connected by one central system. This allows it to effectively deliver the desired temperature in different rooms of the house or an office building, that way accommodating everyone’s individual needs.

What makes multi-split air conditioning systems so widely popular is its cost-effectiveness. It allows you to maintain a consistent temperature and maximise the air conditioning output. Never again will you have to worry about the amount of wasted energy (and money), since the multi-split air conditioning system brings it down to a minimum.


Over the years, Farran-Heit Air Conditioning had the opportunity to install a number of multi-split air conditioning systems to its residential and commercial clients alike. We are the number one air conditioning professionals who will not only ensure the system is up and running at the most optimal level, but will also make certain it is kept that way for years. Farran-Heit Air Conditioning offers repair and maintenance services all year long, at an affordable price.

Rely on Farran-Heit Air Conditioning to install a top quality multi-split air conditioning system in your home or place of business. Get in touch right away via phone or email to get a free quote, get additional info and book a date for your services.

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