Planning To Buy A New AC? Here Are Some Tips

Keeping in mind the varieties each company has to offer, we have a lot of choices while making the final purchase. Be it the features or the pricing, everything is judged according to our needs. However, coming across the right product needs the right knowledge regarding the criteria that makes the product stand out or lose fame.  

Since the climate is getting warmer each day, it gets beyond necessary to install an air conditioner in houses. This makes life a lot easier and helps to handle summer better. 

Air conditioners now come with varieties of options. From variations in cooling capacity to price ranging and from servicing facilities to health benefits, there is so much that is offered that it often perplexes a customer. So, it is really important to sort the most important aspects and decide on its basis.

If you are planning to buy a new AC soon, you should check out the tips which might help you in finding your ideal AC. 

Essential tips before buying an air conditioner:

  • ACs with higher rating consume less energy- The problem of higher energy consumption is one of the main reasons why people avoid using it often. However, this can be looked after if you plan to buy an AC with a higher rating. They ensure less power consumption and secure less electricity bill/
  • Split AC or window AC- Window air conditioners were in trend long back. They are still relatively cheaper; however, split air conditioners are more efficient when it comes to sleek design and cooling. They make less noise and suit the environment of a room, better. 
  • Inverter ACs and conventional ACs- There are two kinds of ACs based on power consumption. The inverter ACs, though are a little expensive than the conventional ones, provide better energy-efficiency. The factor that makes inverter ACs stands out is their ability to continuously regulate room temperature. Unlike conventional ACs, their compressor motor speed is controlled. A 3-star inverter AC happens to consume less power than a 5 start conventional AC.
  • Air conditioners using copper coil- It is far more reliable than the ones that use aluminum or any other metals. High-end air conditioning companies use copper coils and wires to maintain their product quality. It also means less requirement for repair.
  • Safety factors-  Safety affects the demand for a particular variety of AC. These days P2 protected capacitors are used to prioritize safety over all aspects. While purchasing an AC, the consumer should go through the specifications properly and see if the components dealing with the input of electricity are well furnished and made up of the best quality materials.
  • For different sized rooms-  For a room of 100-150 sq. feet, a 1 ton AC is enough, whereas, a room bigger than that may require an AC accordingly. Choosing the right air conditioner for the right space makes a lot of difference in the longevity of the air condition and reduces the electricity bill.
  • Quality of components– while buying a new AC, one of the major factors that should be looked upon is the quality of its components. The air filters should provide smoke-free, fresh air, and avoid any kind of obnoxious odor. The blower fan should be strong enough to ensure high-quality airflow. Also, the coils used in the condenser shall promise a long life-span. If happens otherwise, the chances of corrosion and short-circuit increase.

Finally, the brand that offers the AC should be promising when it comes to regular servicing. The technicians are expected to be well trained and honest. No parts of the AC should be altered at the time of service. They are deemed to provide service at the earliest.

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