Residential Air Conditioning

A Residential Air Conditioning System is an energy efficient way to keep everyone comfortable all year round.

Ducted air conditioning is usually a whole home solution that allows you to condition multiple rooms or the entire house using just one system Individual areas can have different set temperatures to suite everyone’s comfort and requirements. Conditioned air is circulated via a network of ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity, with outlets in as many or as few rooms as you wish.

Multi Split Systems are one of today’s most advanced forms of air conditioning. One outdoor unit can power up to six indoor units simultaneously, yet it remains highly energy efficient when operating just one indoor unit at low capacity

A split system air conditioner is designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room’s interior
Split systems have variety of controller options, giving you control of your climate at your fingertips. With features such as economy operation, sleep mode, and program timers, you can tailor your comfort needs at the touch of a button.
A split system air conditioner consists of a heat exchanger outdoor unit where heat can be dissipated to the atmosphere without impacting people, plants or animal life.

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Muhsen Albayati

Farran did an amazing installation at our place.. Very punctual, tidy and friendly.. Would highly recommend for all your A/C requirements

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Great job done with no fuss , quality work and very reasonably priced , would not hesitate to use thier services again ,Cheers

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Glen Huggett

Got a full ducted system installed by Sam and the Farrenheit team. Very happy with the result. Sam was prompt, flexible, competitive and very thorough with my multi zone double story install. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for fast turnaround on any split or ducted air con install.

7 years ago

Dean Frith

Hess and his staff were very professional polite and responsive from my initial phone call for a quote to installing my new air conditioner promptly and efficiently I would highly recommend them to others

6 years ago

Hass Fakih

Very Professional service and efficient installation. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about installing a split system Aircon

7 years ago

Elaine Michelle

Very impressed with the service from Sam. Was quick to call, quote and get the job done in a matter of days without any stress. Installed new Ac and took away the old one without fuss. Highly recommend and will use again. A+++

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Mohamed Ali Bazzi

Farran-heit AC is your one-stop-shop for all cooling and heating needs! Can't get any better!

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I was really impressed by the quality work .He is punctual and honest.I Would definitely recommend him.

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Quick, professional and experienced. Excellent service.

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Awesome service! Very professional. Highly recommended.

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Residential Air Conditioners, Sydney

Imagine sitting under your fan on a hot summer day, trying to get some soothing air. Well, this can be frustrating. Electronic fans have their limitations to provide cold air. They merely displace the air of the room to induce air circulation as a measure to control concentrated humidity at a particular place.

On the other hand, air conditioners provide cold air to decrease the room temperature and make it sustainable during scorching summer days. In case you are looking for the best air conditioning services Sydney, Swift Aircon is the right place for you to consider.

Our company offers ac service and installation along with commercial and residential air conditioning repair around Australia. We are here to provide your air conditioner for a house that best suits your priority.

If you are fed up with the heat that summers in Australia offers, then check out our residential air conditioning service. We are experienced, licensed holding technicians and deal with residential air conditioning.

How To Choose The Best For Yourself?

With the variety that comes up each day, you might get tangled between choosing the right components, warranty offers, brands, and services. Don’t worry. We are here to make our work simple and easy. Trust us with your service, and we assure you the quality that satisfies your wallet.

Different types of residential air conditioning systems are:

  1. 1. Ductless, mini-split air conditioners- These are ductless once that have an outdoor compressor and condenser. There are one or more ac indoor units. They take the cooling responsibility of a single room. If you plan to install an air conditioner to cool your entire house, this might be a little expensive.
  2. 2. Window ACs- These were very famous earlier but now are replaced by fancy air conditioners. However, you may still install it at a low cost. They contain only one unit with all the components inside it. The problem with window AC is the noise they make. If you are searching for air conditioners for small rooms at a comparatively low budget, you might opt for this.
  3. 3. Central air conditioners- These are air conditioners installed at rooftops from which ducts run into respective rooms. These also contain one single unit with all components stuffed inside it.
  4. 4. Portable air conditioners- These are generally portable ACs and are highly convenient if you are planning to shift to different houses or cities. They resemble window air conditioners in features.

If your budget is strict, go for a window or portable AC. However, a split AC might be more convenient and add to the aesthetics of your room. Central air conditioners, on the other hand, are very reliable for long term extensive use.

Swift Aircon is a dedicated company handling air conditioner maintenance services along with residential and commercial air conditioner services.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Over the years, we have thrived and reached a position as a reputable company. We have a profound team that assists the customers, giving each one of their attention. Whether you need an AC for a small room or more significant areas, we will make your choice sorted into the best options.

We understand your need for the best air conditioners for a home to comfort your family. Having our services, you no more need to worry about your maiden residential air conditioning installation. Our team will accompany you throughout the process and also reach you for any residential air conditioner repair.